Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Happier birthdays to come.

Today Esther turned 9.  I wish that we were far enough into the process so that we could send her a birthday gift and a cake but we're not.  I hope she wasn't expecting that she'd get something like that from us.   We are waiting for China to give us approval for her but the process is more complicated for the second child.  Soon enough though.  I hope that she had a happy birthday and felt loved and happy.  I'm sure she is feeling very vulnerable now that she knows she is available for adoption.

Sometimes when I look at her images I realize that I'm seeing the faces of her parents.  I wonder where they are - who they are.  Are they young or old?  Do they live in the same city as her?  Do they ever pass her on the street?  Do they look for their own faces in the faces of the 9 year old girls that walk by?  I am sure I am not the only woman in this world who is thinking of her with empty arms on her birthday.  We love you Esther.  I can't wait until you feel and know that.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Heart-melting dimples.

Oh my goodness, what dolls my girls are.  Today I got the medical update for Pearl and it included some pictures and some new information about her.  No doubt she knows she's getting a family now.   Look at that dimple!

"She has good memory and can remember her little friends that had been adopted abroad. She said she missed them and hopes she can find a home that belongs to her." 

"Recently, we found out Pearl can play cube and she is able to make one side color in a short time. She is very good about it."  

"She loves to play outside and loves to be with young staff. Because there are not many same age kids, Pearl likes to stay in the room watching TV and hold dolls. She enjoys lining up dolls and putting a blanket on them, pretend to feed them."

"She is a bit picky eater, likes to eat snacks. She doesn’t like dried mushroom and wood ear fungus mushroom."  Oh, come on, Pearl!  Everyone loves the wood ear fungus mushrooms!

I am so grateful that it appears that both of my girls are sincerely loved and attended to.  I am also so humbled and thankful that the Lord is blessing us with both of them.  We have seen so many many blessings lately when it comes to saving the funds for the adoption.  What a miraculous journey we are on.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Esther update.

I was so happy to get some updated pictures this evening of Esther since I got so much information for Pearl this past week.  She is so darling.  I can't wait to bring her home and see her smile.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Pearl in moving pictures.

We are so thrilled to see Pearl on video!  Our friends, Jessica and Carson, sent us two videos that they took of Pearl a little over a week ago and I love them.  I am going to watch them over and over again - the first time I watched this one Pearl took my breath away.  She's so beautiful.  I am also so grateful to see her loving and touching one of the women who takes care of her.  She's a little overwhelmed by all of the commotion(wait for four brothers!) but she still seems to feel safe and loved.  So grateful to be on this path.  So grateful that the Lord is blessing us so much.  I can't wait.