Sunday, June 16, 2013

Three Months Home

We have made it to our three month mark and it feels like we've been home just a short time but that the girls have been with us forever.  We are still working on communication but they are doing so well and we are excited that this summer they are attending a literacy camp at Whitworth University.  I first want to give a shout out to our local elementary school because they have been amazing for us during this time.  They have shown nothing but love and support every step of the way - completely exceeding our expectations.

I am going to let the pictures tell most of the story here.  For Esther's birthday we drove west and went camping.  It was wet and cold but good memories were made.

The Columbia River Gorge.  It is such a treat to show all of our children our beautiful country but sharing it with the girls is definitely special.  Both girls were from large congested cities so seeing things like this is all new and exciting.

It was rainy and wet but still beautiful and fun for the kids.

Yahtzee by lamplight.

We stayed with friends(the Mondruts) in a longhouse at Ensign Ranch.  They were like glorified playhouses for the kids and definitely more fun than tents.
Ensign Ranch has loads to do from canoeing to horseback riding to hiking and swimming.  It was a great time.

Esther's cake ended up looking a little creepy but it was her first and she didn't seem to mind.

Her first gifts EVER.

Pinata in a tent - good times.

"family movie night"

At the bottom of our street is a great little creek so yesterday we packed a picnic and headed down.  Elijah was on a camp-out but we've got lots of summer ahead and many more picnics.

We're rich!  (It's just mica, darnit.)

Mike jumped in at the bottom of the waterfall where it was deep.  This is melted snow water and it is SUPER cold - like bone-aching cold.

Andrew was pretty proud of himself for dunking under too.

My new favorite picture.

Things are wonderful.  We love to think back on those first few days with the girls and how much has changed in such a short time.  It is not easy and it still requires us to be more actively engaged as we continue to help the girls to attach to us and vice versa but it is such a blessing for the whole family.  The family dynamic has shifted and become so much fuller and better because of the girls and what they bring to us with their sweet spirits.  I can't wait for the next six months and to see how much their language abilities enables them to grow even closer to their brothers and to us.

Once again, thank you.  Thank you for your support, thank you for your donations, thank you for your love and prayers.  What a miracle was accomplished.